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What kind of Cook are you?
by Savia Rajagopal
Monday, November 03, 2008 3:26 PM
Discover your "cooking" personality and what makes you tick here...

Depending on how you look at it, cooking can be fun, therapeutic, obligatory, mandatory or equivalent to being in a torture chamber! So, we decided to peek into kitchens around the country and came up some broad kitchen personalities. Be warned, a sense of humour is an absolute-must!

Measured to perfection: The “Exact” Chef

It’s all about the measurements. Stand up and be counted. You know who you are! You’re the kind of chef whose closest friends in the kitchen are the measuring jug, the weighing scale and table measures. Nothing can be added into your cook pot without being measured down to the last gram.

You exhibit the kind of obedience your parents craved for when you were a kid. If the recipe says one and a quarter teaspoon, you can bet only that amount will make it into your pan. And if you get it wrong, then it’s back to square one making the entire meal from scratch.

Vague recipes are a no-no and you hate people who tell you to add a “bit of this” and a “dash of that.” It’s all about the specifics and if it’s not exact, it’s not your kind of recipe. And if an ingredient’s missing, well, someone will have to make a trip to get it, won’t they? ‘Cos you abide strictly by the books.

A creative cauldron: The “Inspired” Chef

A recipe is merely a guide as far as you’re concerned. What do these authors know, after all? True cooking is about inspiration, creativity and no one knows this quite like you do. Why follow the straight and narrow when you can indulge, enjoy and create magic on the fly? Cooking is all about fun and improvisation for you. Comfortable in your kitchen, you are a true foodie and not afraid to experiment. The flipside? You can’t always guarantee the same final result when it comes to your cooking. No prizes for guessing why!

Lights. Camera. Action. : The “TV” Chef

You love the limelight. All those reality TV cook shows are just for you. Your kitchen is your own personal studio and you’re the celebrity chef in charge. Even without a camera zooming in on your ingredients, you play the part of being a chef on TV to the hilt. Conversing throughout the recipe, you stop to gaze and coo while you cook. While you may never make it to the Iron Chef showdown, you’re the star in your own home!  

On the cutting edge: The “High-Tech” Chef

Technology, here I come! That’s your personal motto. Why use a hand whisk when you can get an ultra-chic triple powered electric whisk with customized settings for different ingredients? And why just buy a simple blender when you can get the top-of-the-line master chopper, blender, mixer, slicer, juicer all rolled into one?! Phew! Your kitchen resembles any top-notch kitchen equipment show room and you’re not afraid to embrace technology. So what, if you haven’t quite figured out how to use everything! As long as you have, there’s always hope right?

What’s cooking?: The “Surprise” Chef

Not always sure where to start, every meal is a surprise because you’re still finding your way around the kitchen. How do you sauté? Should you use a deep frying pan? And do you add salt at the end or somewhere in the middle? You enjoy cooking but it can be difficult if you don’t know what to do.

Why me?: The “Tortured” Chef

Cooking is the worst punishment you could ever receive. You hate it with passion but have to cook all the same. You go through the motions and create perfectly delectable dishes but you know you hate the process. Unless you have some help! Then it’s not so bad. An assistant to chop up the ingredients, someone to clean up after you – then life isn’t so bad!

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